【about me】

I gotta be real, I never know what to say in bios. Realizing you don't know yourself as well as you think you do is surprising. I'm working on it.

I love so many things, it's hard to count! I was born in '97, and grew up on the classic oldweb. It's literally formed the landscape of my brain, and I miss it so badly, I want to try and replicate it from my barebones HTML skills. Nostalgia colors my mental landscape, perhaps more than most people, so you'll find my interests haven't changed that much since I was a kid. If anything, I like stuff from my childhood MORE than I did as a kid!

This whole project is still sitting one floor above sea level, and only so much web acccess at my job, it's gonna be slow going. I like the work, though, so it'll be a pleasure. Feel free to poke around a little more, I have some links of different things I love.

lava monke lamp